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Superior Court Motion for Reconsideration or Clarification The Superior Court is the trial court for all divorces and family law cases in Arizona. Before seeking direct appeal to the Arizona Court of Appeals, the spouse who is dissatisfied with the decree can motion the trial court to clarify or reconsider its own ruling. Here&x27;s how that works.
The court denied the motion on December 4, 2007, and Classic filed a notice of appeal on December 13, 2007, two weeks after the November 29 deadline. But had Classic&x27;s motion tolled the statutory period, the deadline would have been extended and Classic&x27;s appeal would have been timely. The Ninth Circuit dismissed the appeal as untimely.
FASTAR - Appeal from Arbitration and Motion to Set for Trial FASTAR - Arbitration Award FASTAR - Claim Against Pima County (Order to Pay Arbitrator) FASTAR - I.R.S. Form W-9 . 110 W. Congress, Tucson, Arizona 85701. The Clerk of the Superior Court has a fee schedule for filing fees that must be paid with the filing of these legal forms and .
Rule 84 now provides the procedure related to motions for clarification. Motion to Correct Mistakes and Motion for Relief from a Judgment or Order. Rule 85 enables litigants to ask the family court to correct clerical or mathematical mistakes in an order or judgment. A motion to correct mistake ordinarily can be filed within any period of time.
1. Fill out the forms. You have to fill out at least 2 forms, maybe more, to file your opposition. 2. File the forms. Turn in your completed forms by mail or efiling. 3. Serve the other party . You are responsible for serving the other party with a copy of your filed forms, usually by mail or e-service.
4. File your motions. You must file your motions in the clerk's office of the same court where your original case was heard. The clerk stamps your originals and copies "filed" with the date, then keeps the originals for the court. One of the copies is yours; the rest are to send to other parties in your case.
FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA United States ex rel. Daniel Hamilton, Plaintiff, v. Yavapai Community College District, et al., Defendants. No. CV-12-08193-PCT-PGR ORDER The Court has before it the Motion to Dismiss Counterclaims under A.R.S. 167; 12-752(A) and Special Motion to Strike Counterclaims Under Cal. Civ. Proc. Code &167; 425.16 (Doc. 135); .
2005 ford f150 radio wiring diagram. May 03, 2016 &183; A Motion for Reconsideration is a motion that you file when you want the judge to take a second look at a decision that you feel was incorrect. A Motion for Reconsideration will not, however, be granted simply because you disagree with the outcome. There are legal standards governing reconsideration of pendente lite (a Latin term
Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure Rule 84. Motion for Clarification (a) Grounds. A party may file a motion that requests the court to clarify a ruling if the ruling is confusing or is susceptible to more than one reasonable interpretation. b) Timing.