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11. Add new user to argo-cd. Update argocd-cm configmap directly or use values.yaml and then run helm upgrade --values values.yaml or use sample file. accounts.myacc apiKey, login accounts.myacc.enabled "true". kubectl apply -f distargocd-cm.yaml and Then change password, the current password is the admin&x27;s one.
Failed to sync application using ArgoCD failed to sync cluster https172.30.1443 failed to load initial state of resource ServiceAccount serviceaccounts is forbidden User "systemserviceaccounttestnewargocdargocdnew-argocd-application-controller" cannot list resource "serviceaccounts" in API group "" at the cluster scope Environment
--assumeYes Assume yes as answer for all user queries or prompts --async Do not wait for application to sync before continuing --dry-run Preview apply without affecting cluster --force Use a force apply -h, --help help for sync --info stringArray A list of key-value pairs during sync process.
NAME SYNC STATUS HEALTH STATUS bgd-blue Synced Healthy. Using the GitHub token is one of the many ways to connect to a repository. Other Methods. There are other ways that you can connect to a GitHub repository that doesn&x27;t involve a global access token (a token that can access all your repositories).
Argo CD Development Environment. Our local cluster will have two namespaces argocd for ArgoCD application and the additional configuration for our setup. dev for our application itself. ArgoCD will keep in sync the kubernetes manifests of our application hosted on a Github repository branch and a the dedicated local dev namespace.
1. Restore only the data section of the content in the argocd-cm.yml config map file manually. 2. Replace the URL value in the config map entry with the new instance name openshift-gitops. Delete the default argocd-cluster instance. Edit the new argocd-cm.yml config map file to restore the entire data section manually.
argocdargo-cd argocdargo-events argocdargo-rollouts argocdargo-workflows argocdargocd-image-updater argocdcert-manager argocddex argocdgovernor argocdguestbook argocdingress-nginx argocdistio-addons argocdistio-controlplane argocdistio-operator argocdprometheus-operator argocdrollout-demo
5. 13. ArgoCD can sync applications on the Kubernetes cluster it is running on and can also manage external clusters. It can be configured to only have access to a restricted set of namespaces. Credentials to the other clusters&x27; API Servers are stored as secrets in ArgoCD&x27;s namespace. ArgoCD is useful feature for managing all deployments .
That is used by ArgoCD to sync stuff into this cluster. it creates a Secret in the ArgoCD cluster which contains the k8s API server endpoint and the ServiceAccount token. more about the syntax of the "cluster" secret here. That adds the Cluster to ArgoCD and it can be referenced from the UI, CLI, or by ArgoCD Application CRDs.